Forestry Division

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The presence of Solchem SpA in the  the forestry area is in the capacity as formulator, representative, and/or

distributor of lines of product fungicides for lumber treatment, herbicides  for maintenance and new plantations of forest pine and eucalyptus primarily Furthermore, it offers supplies that provide a complete and efficient service. 

The foreign firms that Solchem SpA represents in this area are world-renowned manufacturers and brokers mainly from Australia, the United States, Israel, and New Zealand.

Solchem SpA works permanently in the search for and development of new products and/or alternatives for the industry.  For this reason, it is a company priority to invest in field and laboratory testing, with the aim of proving and approval the efficacy of the products under our technical and environmental conditions.  Thanks to this, it is possible to offer the client viable alternatives for the  future that take into account the needs and high demands of foreign markets, which continuously impose new challenges focused mainly on environmental protection.

 The technical assistance fulfills a fundamental role in this area, by emphasizing training, guiding, and supervision of customers in the correct use and manipulation of this divisions products. 

The Concepción branch has a formulating plant and storage warehouses. Furthermore, for the good of the development of this division, it has an efficient means of distribution, which, along with the Technical Assistance, enables it to respond to our customers' needs.