The History

Solchem SpA was founded in 1995. To date, it has shown sustained growth in accordance with the objectives and challenges of the Agricultural, Forestry, and Industrial sectors.  It is currently formulator and representative in Chile of important foreign firms that have entrusted the commercialization of their product lines to us. 

Quality plays an essential role in the Company, and to this end, a control is carried out in all procedures, from raw materials through to the final product, which enables us to deliver high standard chemical products at a reasonable price.

Solchem SpA has a technical department focused on the different areas, and fulfills the important task of registering pesticides in accordance with the standards required by the authorities.  At the same time, in order to satisfy customer needs, it offers ongoing technical assistance, training, guiding, and supervision for the users, with the aim of achieving a correct and efficient use of the products. 

Its Research & Development team are always searching For Approval and elaborating environmentally compatible products, thereby contributing to the protection of nature and the environment. 

Today, the Company has its head office in Santiago and a branch in Concepción in the south of the country, from where it formulates, distributes, and delivers products and services to its customers. 

From the start, Solchem SpA has been growing at the same rate as the different areas, making an ongoing effort to reach its presence in other markets.

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